Rollover Accidents

Rollover Accidents

Accidents that involve a rollover where a vehicle tips onto its side or roof are rare — they only account for 2% of crashes.  Yet, because the nature of the accident is more violent, rollover crashes account for nearly 35% of auto fatalities. They also make up a significant number of severe/catastrophic  injuries, so they have a much more drastic impact on someone’s life. A rollover crash is much more likely to severely damage a

vehicle, to keep someone away from work for a significant amount of time, and to cause long-term injuries that require substantial medical treatment.

Rollover accidents can be caused by an impact with another vehicle, a defect that leads to loss of control, tire failure, tire placement, vehicle instability, lack of/failure of electronic stability control (ESC), sudden acceleration or deceleration and/or controllability issues such as those associated with 15 passenger vans or stretch limousines.  A rollover accident requires careful investigation, consideration of crash worthiness, evaluation of vehicle safety features and preservation of both physical and electronic evidence.  

Mager Law Group handles auto rollover collision cases involving serious injury and/or death.  We utilize the best experts in the field to reconstruct the accident and determine the cause of the crash or rollover.  Preservation of the vehicle is important if there is a suspected product defect or malfunction.     

At Mager Law Group, one of our jobs as your legal advocate is to help manage and coordinate the medical, occupational and life care needs associated with injuries from the collision.  Catastrophic injuries are often associated with rollover accidents.  We work with both the victim and their family to insure that everything possible is done to access needed  resources.  Our approach includes compassionate, one-on-one counsel to victims and their families with a focus on getting to the root cause of the collision while also securing just and thorough compensation for the injured victim’s injuries, damages and losses.  

If you or your loved one has been injured in a rollover accident, contact our office today to schedule a free consultation.  Mager Law Group has offices conveniently located throughout the Front Range of Colorado including Denver, Loveland and Fort Collins.  There is never a charge to speak with an attorney and contingency fee arrangements are available.